It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. 

                                                                                                                                                                    (Albert Einstein)

NEURONAL - A mentorship program

NEURONAL stands for Neuroscience Experiences and Undergraduate Research Opportunities for Native Americans, African Americans, and Latinos/Hispanics. I have a long-term passion and commitment for science outreach and mentoring students, in particular those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Other than understanding neural diversity, here at UNM my goal is to prepare the next generation of diverse neuroscientists. This is the program I started in 2020, and if you are interested in neuroscience or related fields, please register here and I will get in touch. Also, read this interesting article Diversity in Neuroscience 

NeuroDeGen: (CRN:57407/8): Journal club for the UNM students to discuss Genes, Development, Stem Cells, Neural Circuits, and Behavior. Interested undergraduate and graduate students can take it as a one-credit course or just join to discuss science and life. You can see the schedule and more information here 

NeuroCURE Spring 23Guest Scientists, course pictures & experiences 

NeuroCURE Spring 22,  Guest Scientists, course pictures & experiences 

Beginning 2022, each spring semester nearly ten students will be able to participate in this NSF funded based neurogenetics class see details below: 

Developmental Neurobiology:                                 419/519 CRN 69034/69035 (Fall 2021)

Picture courtesy of their respective department websites

Abstract description of the class by one of the students (Second from the left class picture)                            Natalia Chmielenko

Introduction to Neurobiology:                    401 CRN 69980 (Fall 2020)

Guest Neuroscientists who interacted with our class of 2020 

Picture courtesy of their respective department websites

Thank you note for the "Guest Scientists" by one of the students                    Thitirat Techapun